Our Services

Our philosophy on kidney health is different from many others. We take a two-pronged approach that focuses on both nutritional changes necessary to improve kidney health, and on lifestyle changes that help you maintain changes over the long-term.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult! That’s why we work with you on a plan that meets you where you are on your kidney wellness journey.

Change is best achieved by starting slow and building over time. Too much change too quickly is not sustainable and can create negative feelings towards change in general. 

You deserve to live a full life with CKD.

We offer you the support, resources, and tools necessary to continue living your life without being overwhelmed by CKD. You can thrive with CKD!

Personalized Kidney Nutrition Packages

Take Control of Your Kidney Health

Managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Our nutrition packages are here to help you with easy-to-follow plans and support every step of the way.

What We Offer:

  • Initial Nutrition Assessment: Get a detailed, 90-minute session where we review your labs, medications, and current diet. We’ll use this to create a customized nutrition plan just for you.
  • Follow-Up Sessions: Join follow-up sessions to make sure you’re sticking to your plan and reaching your health goals.
  • Meal Planning Portal: Use our online portal to get meal plans and recipes that fit your needs.
  • Lab and Food Journal Reviews: We’ll regularly check your lab results and food journal to see how you’re doing and adjust your plan if needed.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Reach out anytime for any questions or support you need.
  • Supplement Recommendations: Receive recommendations for supplements with a 20% discount.

Kidney Healthy Living Program

Coming Soon!

Most people are very overwhelmed when they first learn they have chronic kidney disease. This course is designed to turn that feeling into knowledge to help set you up for success in managing your CKD.

The Kidney Healthy Living Program is a 6 module, self-paced program.

It is the result of over 10 years of creating and teaching classes on managing CKD. Throughout this time, we’ve learned what works best and what truly helps individuals successfully manage their CKD.

This Program will cover the five pillars of The Kidney Healthy Living Method

  1. Nutrition
  2. Tools For Change
  3. Movement
  4. Stress Management
  5. Support and Connection


All five pillars are important and support one another. Our program is unique in its focus on holistic health, incorporating all five pillars.

Group Classes & Community

Coming Soon!

When you sign up for group classes, you receive access to all modules of The Kidney Healthy Living Program, which provides a solid foundation to understand and successfully manage your CKD.

Our group classes provide a more personalized approach that includes a private Facebook community, a weekly Q&A call, personalized meal planning, and more!

With group classes and peer support, you will gain invaluable insights from people in the same situation as you, who are tackling similar challenges you are facing. All in a supportive, community-oriented learning environment.

Our weekly Q&A sessions stimulate engagement, foster commitment to health goals, and mitigate the feelings of isolation often associated with chronic illnesses. 

These sessions cover a vast range of topics to provide a holistic understanding of kidney health management through nutrition. Any questions you have, you can ask it here!

With our group classes, you’re not alone on this journey – join our classes for a shared, enriching, and motivational experience.